Review Rating

Overall Rating:

Perfection – Simply amazing from start to finish.  The characters, story, plot twists and editing are simply perfect.  We recommend these books to anyone that will listen to us… and recommend you read them now.  And we slip into a major book depression when we are finished.

Worth Checking Out – Great writing and characters. Interesting story and no glaring editing issues.  We only slip into a minor book depression after reading.

Eh, If You’re Bored – Good book and characters.  Story is predictable and (more than likely) a little corny.  There are some obvious editing issues.  It’s typically a quick read that you don’t feel like throwing against the wall.

**We will only review books that we would recommend to others.  We read many books, but some fall short and just don’t make it to this page.  So, regardless of the overall rating, we enjoyed the books and would definitely recommend.**

How We Review Books

Cover Appeal (because, let’s face it, we all know we judge books by their covers)
Willingness to Put Down
Heart Fluttering/School Girl Giggling/Tears
Leading Man’s Boyfriend Potential (if acceptable)
Favorite Scene
Favorite Quotes

Hales Reviews are in Purple
Cales Reviews are in Green


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