About Hales & Cales

Hales resides in northwestern Wisconsin where she lives with her husband. During the day, she works as a software engineer but she’d prefer spending her time stuck in a good book. A year ago she received a kindle for Christmas and has since doubled the books she’s read. She thinks there’s nothing better than recommending a good book and having the other person fall in love.

Cales is the coolest!


Cales resides in northeastern Wisconsin (a much too long distance from Hales).
Living in a (getting smaller by the minute) apartment with her husband, toddler daughter and baby son, she rocks the stay-at-home-mom job (or, at least that’s what she tells herself).  She would like to spend every spare moment with her nose stuck in a book… or, well, the Kindle, but her spare moments are few and far between. But that doesn’t stop her from finding the time!
She loves getting recommendations (how else would she have ever read half the books she read last year?!)… and equally loves sharing amazing books (especially with Hales).  And is typically heartbroken when an amazing book ends.
Book depression people – it’s a real thing.

P.S. Hales is the coolest!


About H&C Reads

Hales and Cales love recommending and discussing books with each other.
The idea came to them to start a blog to review the many books they have read – and share the amazing stories with others.  Especially those who don’t think they would like a book because it just isn’t “Something they would read.”
Believe them when they tell you that they have read many books that they would never have picked up reading the synopsis… but are quite glad they did!


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