Love & Decay Episode 5 – Rachel Higginson

Love & Decay Episode 5Morning has come to the lonely farmhouse where Reagan, Haley and the Parkers set up camp and watched as Page came down with strep throat. Hendrix and Nelson haven’t returned from their medicine run. Page is still very sick and the “contingency plan” hangs in the air.

Determined to save the boys she has come to care so deeply about, Reagan teams up with Vaughan to set out and rescue Hendrix and Nelson from whatever trouble they’ve gotten themselves into.

However, before they can liberate anybody, they themselves are captured.

Introduced to another scary settlement, Reagan is split up from the Parker brothers and put in the custody of a boy not much older than her. Kane Allen is possessive and fierce in his attempt to own and possess Reagan. She learns a fear that even in her dangerous, Zombie-filled life, she has not known before.

Before the night is over she has to find a way to escape Kane and his horrifying captivity. She will face armed guards, starving Zombies and the worst danger of them all- Kane.

Overall Rating: Worth Checking Out

**I received this as an ARC from Rachel in exchange for an honest review.**

Willingness to Put Down
Shoot… I was sucked into this story from the first page.
You obviously want to know what happened to Hendrix and Nelson – and Reagan and Vaughan jump right into rescuing them.
Then… all hell breaks loose.  I mean, seriously, couldn’t one mission just go smoothly?  Or is the rest of their lives just going to be one bump in the road after another?!
Once they got the the settlement where Hendrix and Nelson went – it gets so intense!  You just don’t know what is going to happen – and what this crazy cult-y settlement is going to do to the boys or Reagan (though, you do find out where Reagan is suppose to stand in all that..). 
It’s crazy people!!  CRAZY! 

And, when I got to the end, I kept clicking the next page on my Kindle, hoping that there was more!!  I needed more!!

New Characters!!!  WOOT WOOT! 
I love the introduction of new characters – especially new characters who aren’t all sorts of crazy!!  Now – there are a lot of crazy new characters.. Crazy, brain-washed, cult-y characters (but you don’t really read a lot about them..) 
However, you have Miller (who you met in book 4 for about 5 seconds)… His sister Tyler, and their older brother Kane. 
Miller and Tyler are cool in my book.  Obviously they want to escape the settlement – and are willing to help out the Parker brothers and Reagan, which gets a big thumbs up from me.

Then you have Kane.
He’s an odd duck – that’s for sure. He’s possessive, he’s slightly creepy, and I did really want to scream and yell at him (and let’s face it, punch him in the face). He made me so angry with the whole Reagan stuff – and I wanted to hate him. I really did. I wanted to hate him so bad – and part of me does. Part of me never wants to see that creep again! BUT…. there is another part of me that thinks, “Kane isn’t too bad… if only he found a different woman to play caveman with.” I mean, he was also protective and semi-sweet (maybe I’m the only one who saw that?).

I would definitely like him to come up in future episodes… However, I want him to be over Reagan. I don’t want anymore drama on that front!!
Reagan finally has her man… LET IT BE!!!!

Heart Fluttering/School Girl Giggling/Tears
Let’s start with the first freaking page when Reagan says to Haley, “I’m taking the losing half of the love triangle.” 


Also – when Reagan and Hendrix see each other at the settlement… and again under the bleachers.  Ugh…and…sigh.  I love those two!

Leading Man’s Boyfriend Potential (if acceptable)
You don’t see much of Hendrix in this one – because it’s all about Kane and his creeptastic ways.  You obviously know how I feel about Kane from above….
And if you have read any of the other reviews, you know how I feel about Hendrix. 
I adore that boy.  He’s amazing.

Favorite Scene (without giving anything away… just to get you to really want to read)
I’m going to say….. THE WHOLE BOOK!
Yes, I can do that… Why?!  Well, this is my blog (but that’s besides the point)… This whole book was freaking amazing!! So much packed into it… I just cannot pick a favorite scene!

Favorite Quotes
Reagan – ‘They were like super-human GI Joes. At the end of this whole Apocalypse thing, I was petitioning to have action figures made of them.’

“It’s over, Reagan. They’ll never touch you again. They’ll never see you again. You’re OK. You’re with me. I’ll keep you safe.” – Hendrix

“Never again.” – (Vaughan, Tyler, Hendrix and Reagan)

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Seriously… I’m done here… Go buy the episode!

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