Love & Decay Episode 4 – Rachel Higginson

Love & Decay Episode 4

Zombies- as if that wasn’t enough to ruin any girl’s dream of a happily ever after.

Haley Gable has been on the run from Zombies and other evils for almost two years. She is exhausted, cynical and bored. Her overactive brain is ticking away at her sanity and the endless struggle for survival ahead of her seems overwhelming.

Until she meets the Parker brothers.

Now traveling in company with five overprotective brothers and a little girl that has completely stolen her heart, Haley finally feels a breath of relief.

That is until Nelson, the middle brother, decides that Haley is exactly the girl he’s been waiting for.

Panicked by the idea of love and confused about what kind of future any relationship could possibly have when surrounded daily by the looming threat of death, Haley avoids Nelson and all his advances.

When the group finds a solar powered farmhouse, Haley’s defenses are down in light of such an exciting thing as electricity and Nelson takes the opportunity to pursue her. Caught up in Nelson’s charm, Haley has trouble resisting him and everything he offers her.

A temporary fling doesn’t sound so bad, but what Nelson wants from her is something so much stronger than casual, so much deeper than anything she’s ever felt before. Nelson wants all of Haley, every last part. But can she give up her fear and doubt and give him a chance? Will he turn her world of decay into something made of love and hope?

Overall Rating: Worth Checking Out

**I received this as an ARC from Rachel in exchange for an honest review.**

Willingness to Put Down
This story was a toss up for me. When I first found out it was going to be from Haley’s point of view, I got sad. I mean, I really, really want to know what is going to happen with Reagan and Hendrix – and having to add a new storyline in there, just threw me off.
So, I didn’t want to like reading about Haley…. But I LOVED it!! 
Haley is so freaking awesome – she is definitely different than who I thought she was.
And those Haley/Nelson scenes?! Holy Hell!!!
Obviously these are shorter stories, so they are already quick reads – but you literally cannot put this one down!!  There may be no zombie fights, but there is so.much.more!

Like I said, I loved finding out who Haley was. She totally blew me out of the water with what actually makes her tick… and what she apparently struggles with on a daily basis.
We also find out more about Nelson – aside from the obvious sexual chemistry between the two. We find out who Nelson was in college (I suppose Vaughan and Hendrix too, a bit).
Also – and here’s the big thing… you finally see how deep Nelson’s feelings for Haley actually run!! 
And while there was no zombie fights in this story -there was still drama. There is still an event that will make your heart pump a little faster, and you hope that things will turn out for the best… because if they take a turn for the worst… You.Will.Be.Heart.Broken!!

Heart Fluttering/School Girl Giggling/Tears
Okay – so who knew that Harrison was so funny?!  He totally added comic relief to this story. From the points in the van – to when he finds Haley and Nelson in the barn – he adds so much to the story! 

“Think of it like my education. You know, since there’s no other way for me to learn about the birds and the bees.” – Harrison

Also, Nelson finally gets Haley to admit her feelings for him. And there is a mighty make-out scene. Personally, I would be terrified to get lost in a make-out like that, in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, in a place that you aren’t very familiar with. But these two… psht. Guess they would have died happy, right?

Leading Man’s Boyfriend Potential (if acceptable)
Nelson… I honestly didn’t know what to expect from him. But I can tell you, he blew me out of the water! Sweet, caring, passionate, intense (I swear, all the Parker brothers are intense!!). He goes for what he wants, and what he wants is Haley.

“He’s not the Parker you want, Haley. I promise you that.”

“I find that I am much more attracted to good girls that put others before themselves, that meet little eight year old girls and immediately adopt them as their little sister. In my newly formed opinion, good girls make the best out of a devastating situation by finding the best pieces of everywhere they go and not only enjoying the world we live in today, but somehow making it possible to remember the past without it being traumatic.”

“Don’t doubt me, don’t doubt what’s between us and don’t ever doubt what I will do to return to you.”

Favorite Scene (without giving anything away… just to get you to really want to read)
Chapter 1 – The van ride.
Chapter 3 – … well.. I mean… Chapter Three!!!

Favorite Quotes
“You’re awfully brave, Nelson Parker. Did you forget my gun is loaded?” – Haley

“I remember what it was like when we had to leave my mom. I remember what they were like after we left home. Vaughan told me when we love something we love it forever. And when we love someone they know we love them forever. Even if we can’t tell them anymore. If Nelson loves you Haley, he will always love you.” – Page

“This is one of those times I need you more than you need to be independent.” – Hendrix

Haley – Nelson had given me something more to feel, something more to experience. He’d replaced my despair with hope, my misery with something to anticipate.
And he’d exchanged my emptiness with love.

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